Retaining Eligibility for NAIA Postseason

Bylaw: Article V, Section D, Item 4

“A student who is eligible during the regular sport season for a particular sport and who is eligible at the end of the regular sport season shall retain eligibility in that particular sport for participation in NAIA postseason competition provided the student was in attendance the term immediately preceding the postseason competition.”


Article V, Section D, Item 4 applies even in the event that a student becomes ineligible after the conclusion of the academic term. At the conclusion of the academic term, a student becomes ineligible for the next term. However, in situations where the student’s season is still ongoing when the academic term concludes, this student may continue to compete if the competitions are for the purpose of qualifying for NAIA postseason competition. As long as competiton is within the frequency of play limits, and it is still part of an effort to qualify for postseason competition, the student’s eligibility from the previous academic term carries over.


A men’s outdoor track and field athlete from NAIA College was certified as eligible going into this spring term. At the conclusion of final grades, it has been determined that he will not be eligible for this upcoming fall term. Per Article V, Section D, Item 4, the student will retain eligibility for the men’s outdoor track and field championship.

The student has the opportunity to compete in a track meet the weekend prior to the outdoor track and field championship that will help him qualify for the national championship. This is a “last chance meet” to qualify for nationals. The student will be allowed to compete in this particular competition as it is part of the process leading to the championship.

Another example is a student who is in his/her 10th term of attendance and competes. A softball player’s 10th term of attendance is this spring. Her spring term concludes on May 1, but softball postseason begins the following week. This student is able to compete in the postseason competition.

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