Tag: Eligibility

  • 2023 Bylaw Update: Graduate Student Eligibility

    Key Takeaways for Graduate Students’ Eligibility Frequently Asked Questions: Q: What is the reasoning behind distinguishing undergraduate eligibility and graduate eligibility like this?    A: Early eligibility standards in the NAIA started with the philosophy that a student exhausted their eligibility when they earned their baccalaureate degree (in addition to the limits of 10 semesters/15 quarters…

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  • Mid-Year Certification

    Article V, Section C, Item 14 A student who is eligible the last day of a term (as reported on the institution’s official academic calendar) may retain eligibility until midnight of the 30th calendar day following the close of a term to allow an institution time to recertify eligibility through the official Eligibility Certification Process.…

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  • Retaining Eligibility for NAIA Postseason

    Bylaw: Article V, Section D, Item 4 “A student who is eligible during the regular sport season for a particular sport and who is eligible at the end of the regular sport season shall retain eligibility in that particular sport for participation in NAIA postseason competition provided the student was in attendance the term immediately…

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