Welcome to The Attic, the NAIA’s Interpretation Library!

This database serves as a central repository for interpretations of the NAIA Constitution, Bylaws and policies that have been formed over the years. While the constitution, bylaws and policies of the various NAIA councils are clearly stated in the NAIA Handbook, the interpretations found here have arisen from situations where the Handbook does not provide enough clarity or detailed instruction in how the rules should apply in a particular scenario. These interpretations have largely stemmed from discussions or particular cases that have been reviewed by the NAIA Constitution and Bylaws Committee, National Eligibility Committee, Conduct and Ethics Committee or National Coordinating Committee.


Why is it called The Attic?

These interpretations may be familiar to you: many have been in place for years and applied by national office, conference and institutional staff members. For years these interpretations have lived on, largely because of Valerie Beeson. For those of you who don’t know Val, she was the long-time faculty athletics representative at Harris-Stowe State University (then Harris-Stowe College) dating back to 1978, as well as serving as a member of the National Eligibility Committee (NEC) for over 30 years before stepping down in 2018. Her numerous achievements, volunteer service and dedication earned her the honor of being named to the NAIA Hall of Fame for Meritorious Service in 2002. She continues to serve as the eligibility chair for the American Midwest Conference.

Historically, these interpretations lived on largely through institutional memory, until Val got involved, and enlisted her attic. Yes, her physical attic at her home, where she has kept file cabinets of handbooks and publications, typed and handwritten correspondence and emails spanning nearly fifty years. Her records include handwritten notes about the intention of bylaw proposals in the 1970s and ‘80s, how specific rules were interpreted by the NEC to apply to unusual scenarios, and publications and resources from the national office throughout that time, many of which have long since disappeared. Everywhere, that is, but the attic.

Val has been gracious enough to make frequent trips to the national office in recent years, bringing with her boxes from the attic that get scanned and recorded for safe keeping, and turned into these interpretations. With this library, these interpretations are now conveniently available to you for your reference and application.