How to Use the Interpretation Library

  • The “Most Popular” header on the homepage will showcase those interpretations that are most frequently viewed by visitors to the site.
  • Frequent visitors to the site may be interested in the “Most Recent Interpretations” header on the homepage. This notes the interpretations that have most recently been drafted and added to the site, but does not necessarily mean the interpretation itself is newly created.
  • If you are looking for a particular interpretation and you know the relevant section(s) of the bylaws, search by bylaw. You can navigate quickly to your desired bylaw section from the homepage under the “Interpretations Categories” header, or visit the “Index by Bylaw” tab to view all bylaw sections and their respective interpretations.
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  • You may take these interpretations at face value and apply them accordingly. Each interpretation found here has been reviewed by national office staff and the NAIA National Eligibility Committee at minimum. The interpretations were drafted with the intent that there is enough information given to provide you guidance on how the interpretations applies in a variety of contexts or academic systems (as applicable). If the guidance provided is not on point with your situation, or your scenario deviates from the interpretation in some manner, please contact Legislative Services or your conference eligibility chair to ensure the interpretation is applied correctly to your scenario.
  • If you have any questions at all about how an interpretation found here applies in a given scenario, or if you cannot find an interpretation that applies to your scenario, please contact NAIA Legislative Services:
    Phone: 816.595.8180

It is important to note that this is a living, growing database. This database is not exhaustive. Interpretations will be added as they arise, but note that some interpretations may not be well suited to a written format as they are too specific to a particular set of circumstances or are not easily described without extensive context.