Article II, Section B – Paying for Passports

Bylaw: Article II, Section B

“Any financial aid or assistance to prospective or enrolled students in money or in kind, except that which comes from members of their immediate family or from those upon whom they are legally dependent, shall be administered by the institution under policies and procedures established by the institution through its regularly constituted committee on student loans and scholarships. Under no conditions may an individual or organization provide direct financial assistance to a previously enrolled or prospective student.”


An NAIA institution may pay for student’s passport if an NAIA team would be required to cross the border for competition. The following is required:

  1. The passport is to permit travel as part of a team (as opposed to allowing the student to cross the border for training or individual participation in a tournament where the student is not representing the institution).
  2. The competition(s) are published on the team’s schedule or official international competition notification through the form online.

Background and Intent

It has been a long-held interpretation of the financial assistance bylaw that costs incidental to competition (i.e. travel, meals, lodging) may be covered by the NAIA institution and are not considered a financial assistance violation. This is to ensure NAIA student-athletes have the opportunity to compete internationally when the competition is on behalf of their institution

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NEC Interp – Creation date May 2015. Current as of: December 2017