Paying for Passports for Student-Athletes

Bylaw: Article II, Section B, Item 2a – b

“Expenses incidental to intercollegiate athletic competition may be provided by an institution, directly or via an institution’s representative or authorized booster.

For students who are members of an intercollegiate team, additional ancillary expenses are permissible when such expenses are related to the student’s membership on a the team and provided by the affiliated conference or national office, institution or institution’s representative (if approved by the institution’s athletics director). Such additional ancillary expenses include but are not limited to student-athlete advisory or student-athlete leadership activities, team building outings, and mission trips. ”


An NAIA institution may pay for student’s passport if an NAIA team would be required to cross the border for competition. The following is required:

  1. The passport is to permit travel as part of a team (as opposed to allowing the student to cross the border for training or individual participation in a tournament where the student is not representing the institution).
  2. The competition(s) are published on the team’s schedule or official international competition notification through the form online.

Background and Intent

It has been a long-held interpretation of the financial assistance bylaw that costs incidental to competition (i.e. travel, meals, lodging) may be covered by the NAIA institution and are not considered a financial assistance violation. This is to ensure NAIA student-athletes have the opportunity to compete internationally when the competition is on behalf of their institution

Related Bylaws

Article I, Section H, Item 4

NEC Interp – Creation date May 2015. Current as of: December 2017