Indoor Soccer & Futsal

Bylaw: Article V, Section B, Item 23

“Varsity Intercollegiate Sport: A sport that has been accorded that status by the institution’s chief executive officer or committee responsible for intercollegiate athletics policy and satisfies all of the following conditions:

  1. It is a sport that is administered by the department of intercollegiate athletics;
  2. It is a sport for which the eligibility of the student is reviewed and certified by the institution’s faculty athletics representative or designated eligibility representative; and
  3. It is a sport in which qualified participants receive the institution’s official varsity awards”.


The NAIA does not consider either Futsal or indoor soccer to be the same sport as outdoor soccer for purposes of competitive experience. When examining a student’s competitive experience, no seasons of competition should be charged for any indoor soccer or futsal participation.

For a student’s participation to be considered indoor soccer or Futsal, the program must play under rules specific to the sport. For example, having walls that are in play (or other rules that are unique to indoor soccer) would make it indoor soccer.

However, per Article VII, Section A, Item 2, Excepton 3: “A student who becomes a professional in indoor soccer is considered a professional in the sport of soccer.”

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