USBC Transfer Portal & Direct Contact

Article II, Section D, addresses the protocol for contacting student-athletes regarding transfers between institutions.

A coach or another representative of a member institution may initiate contact with a student whose most recent identification was at a non-NAIA four-year institution, but shall not initiate contact with a student-athlete whose most recent identification was at an NAIA institution.

According to NAIA regulations, coaches or representatives of member institutions are prohibited from initiating contact with student-athletes who are currently identified with an NAIA institution. Direct contact can be made with non-NAIA student-athletes.

The National Eligibility Committee (NEC) has ruled in regards to bowling student-athletes listed in the USBC transfer portal. This portal acts as a transparent communication channel between student-athletes and their current institutions.

When a student enters the portal, it signals their intent to transfer, initiating the contact process as required by NAIA rules. This allows NAIA coaches to engage with student-athletes directly regarding their transfer plans, provided proper notification to the current institution is made.

It’s crucial for institutions to verify a student’s presence in the USBC Transfer Portal before initiating contact to avoid violating NAIA rules. Understanding these guidelines ensures fair and respectful interactions, empowering student-athletes to make informed decisions about their collegiate careers.