Outside Competitive Experience Review – Update August 2023

OCE Review 2023 Update & Form:

The Outside Competitive Experience form is used to determine if any outside competitive experience (OCE) should be charged if the student was not otherwise charged an intercollegiate SOC in the past 12 months. Under the section, “To whom this review does apply,” the first criteria in the section reads, “Student was identified at NAIA institution but not certified or who competed, and did not meet the criteria to be charged a season of competition under the 20% limit and/or did not compete in postseason competition.”  At first read, this might seem very overwhelming to do an OCE review on all students who were otherwise not charged an intercollegiate season. The intent is not to double the workload for all involved in the certification process. The guidance is to create a set of “pre-interview” questions that can help you determine which students may need further review as you work through a roster. It will still be important to document these pre-interview questions to ensure due-diligence.

For all students who were not charged an intercollegiate season previously because of the 20% rule, ask two questions:

  1. Did the student compete in OCE in the past 12 months?
  2. If so, was the team, league, or event include professional or semi-professional athletes?

At the point in time that you have yes to both questions for a student, then you know to go further into the OCE review. If not, you may document the answer to these two questions and understand there is no need to delve further.

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