NAC Policy Section XXV, Item 12 – Countable Opponents & Open Meets

Policy: NAC Policy Section XXV, Item 12

“For games to be considered countable (i.e. included in statistics, won-loss records, and coaching records), all of the following must be true:

a. The institution must be accredited by one of the six recognized regional accrediting bodies in the U.S., or hold membership in the NAIA, Universities Canada, Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association, Canadian U Sports or the National Christian College Athletic Association.

b. The institution must be a four-year (or upper-level two-year) degree-granting institution; and

c. The team must be a varsity program.”


In the instance where an open meet (for sports such as swimming, wrestling, track, etc.) includes both countable opponents and non-countable opponents, as long as at least one of the other schools in the competition (in addition to the NAIA school) is a countable opponent, then all competitions within the meet will be considered countable.

Background & Intent

The NAC policy determining which opponents are countable for purposes of records and statistics applies seamlessly in a standard team sport where an NAIA team has only one opponent. However, when an NAIA team is involved in a multi-opponent event, it is less clear-cut if the outcome of the event counts towards the NAIA team’s record and stats if only some of the other opponents are countable.


For example, a swim meet has two four-year schools (one of which is an NAIA school) and 10 junior colleges participating. As long as the second four-year school meets the countable opponent criteria, the event is countable and all times count towards records, statistics and postseason qualification for the NAIA team.

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