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  • 24-Week Season Exception

    24-Week Rule and Postseason Participation Overview: The 24-week rule allows each sport 24 weeks between August 1st and May 15th for practice and competition. Each team can have up to three break periods within this 24-week season. Postseason participation, under certain conditions, does not count against these 24 weeks. Key Definitions: 24-Week Rule Exception: Practices…

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  • NAIA Bylaws, Policies, and Sport Rules

    NAIA members and student-athletes are held to many different types of rules and regulations. Understanding the different levels of NAIA rules will provide an understanding of the different regulations and, if a change is desired, how to go about requesting a change to the rules and regulations. Sport Rule Most NAIA championship sports have adopted…

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  • Financial Aid Policy FAQs

    The following questions are common FAQs we receive regarding how to apply the Council of Presidents Policy for Financial Aid Limits (Article XIII Institutional Financial Aid Policy). Reporting Emerging Sports/ Sports Not Sponsored Q1: We recently added women’s flag football to our list of NAIA sports, how should we report them?   A: For Return on…

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