Category: Article V, Section B

  • Non-NAIA Opponents – Exhibitions

    Bylaw: Article V, Section B, Item 6 “Exhibition: A competition against competitors not identified with the institution when: The competition does not meet the definition of a scrimmage pursuant to Article V, Section B, Item 17 of the NAIA Bylaws; The competition is noted as an Exhibition on the institutional schedule; and The competition is…

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  • Elite Level Competition – Gender Specific Competition

    Bylaw: Article V, Section B, Item 19 “b. Participation in any elite-level competition on or after the first day of the thirteenth month following high school graduation. The NAIA shall count seasons of competition based on non-collegiate participation charged by another intercollegiate athletic association. Additional seasons of competition, based on non-collegiate participation, will be charged…

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  • Earning TOA Without Graduating High School

    Bylaw: Article V, Section B, Item 22 “Term of Attendance: A term of attendance is any quarter, semester or trimester (excluding summer sessions) in which the student becomes identified at a single institution.” Bylaw:  Article V, Section B, Item 12 (Definition of Non-Term) Casebook Example “Non-Term — High School Approved Ruling: High school students may…

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