Use of a Substitute Faculty Athletic Representative for Certification

Bylaw: Article V, Section I, Item 1

“It shall be the responsibility of the faculty athletics representative of each member institution to check the eligibility of each student prior to allowing the student to represent the institution in any manner (i.e. scrimmages, intercollegiate contests) against competitors not directly identified with the institution in any sport recognized by the NAIA.”


When the permanent faculty athletics representative is gone (e.g. vacation, maternity/paternity leave, sabatical), an institution may use a substitute faculty athletics representative to assist in the certification process. The institution does not need to report the use of a substitute FAR to the NAIA National Office, though it should communicate with the conference/A.I.I. eligibility chair. In cases where a faculty athletic representative signature is needed for ECP, the signature should come from the supervisor of the current FAR, or someone higher up the chain of command of the current FAR.


When a situation arises where an FAR is unable to sign an eligibility certificate prior to the team’s first competition, an alternative was needed to allow for a substitute FAR. The substitute FAR must be a direct or indirect supervisor of the FAR. The intent of this is to ensure that the person who is responsible for the information he or she is signing understands the importance of the accuracy of the information, and has the authority to be held accountable for any information submitted under his or her signature.


A Dean of Students or the institution’s President could become a secondary signer of the eligibility certificates if an FAR is unable to sign the certificates.

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NEC Interp – Creation date unknown. Current as of: August 2015