Discontinuance of a Sport During a Season

Bylaw: Article V, Section B, Item 20

“Season of Competition: Participation in one or more intercollegiate contests whether in a varsity, junior varsity or freshman program. The NAIA shall count seasons of competition based on intercollegiate participation charged by another intercollegiate athletic association.

Casebook Example

When an NAIA institution discontinues a sport immediately, during the season, having completed one half or less of its regular schedule, students on the team at the time of discontinuance shall not be charged with a season of competition in that sport, provided the students are eligible at the time the sport was discontinued.”


The discontinuance of a season is not specifically defined in the NAIA bylaws. However, in order to be considerd a “discontinued” team and preserve a student’s season of competition, the team in question must cease all activities outlined in Article I, Section H, Items 1-6. This includes no scrimmages, practices, individual instruction from coaches, or anything that would trigger the 24-week season.


For any number of reasons, a team may choose mid-season to undeclared from its original intent to participate in NAIA postseason. This casebook example is intended for teams that truly cancel all team operations mid-season. That said, even for discontinued teams, the institution must ensure the sport is subsequently undeclared from the institution’s Decloration of Intent form per Article I, Section M of the NAIA bylaws. Failur to do so could result in penalties, including a postseason ban for the following year.

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