21-Day Withdraw and Return to Institution

Bylaw: Article V, Section F, Item 3

“If a student identified with an institution officially withdraws from that institution within 21 calendar days following the start of term and returns and becomes identified with the same institution (without becoming identified at another institution), the student shall not be charged with a term of attendance for the term in which the student withdrew.”


The student’s eligibility will not be hindered by officially withdrawing within 21 days and returning directly to the same institution without a stop at another institution. It is important to note, though, that if this student participates in a contest during this time the student will be charged with a season of competition and the Progress Rule will be applied in the future.


This interpretation has the following implications on these other eligibilty rules:

  • Identification / Term of Attendance: The student will not be identified or charged a term of attendance if the student returns directly to the original institution in which the student withdrew within 21 days.
  • 24/36-Hour Rule: The W’s that may be registered on the official transcript will not negatively impact the student’s 24/36-Hour Rule if the student returns directly to the original institution without identifying anywhere else.

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NEC Interp – Creation date unknown. Current as of: September 2013