Credits Used for 12-Hour Enrollment Rule

Bylaw: Article V, Section C, Item 3

“The student must be identified and enrolled in a minimum of 12 institutional credit hours at the time of participation.”



A student may use test credit or credit earned through course placement in order to meet the 12-Hour Enrollment Rule. Credit must be shown as completed and successfully earned on the official transcript during the term in which the student wishes to compete in order to use the credit towards the 12-Hour Enrollment Rule.



A student goes to the local Red Cross to take a CPR class on a Saturday during the fall term. The student’s NAIA institution will award the student institutional credit in the form of a class taken once the student completes the course. The student wishes to use this class towards the 12-Hour Enrollment Rule. Can this occur?

Yes, once the course has been successfully completed and shows as institutional credit earned on the official transcript for the term in question, the student can use it towards the 12-Hour Enrollment Rule.

Note that the hour cannot account toward the 12-hour standard until after they have already been earned. Even if the student has verification that she has enrolled in the CPR class several weeks in advance, the hour(s) from the CPR class cannot be used to satisfy the 12-Hour Enrollment Rule or allow the student to compete until after the hour(s) have been applied to the transcript by the NAIA school.


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