Two NAIA Teams Competing Internationally

Bylaw: Article I, Section H, Item 4

“A maximum of two contests against teams from foreign countries (excluding Canada and Mexico) played in the United States and/or Canada/Mexico will be permitted without counting against the frequency of play limits. Contests held in a foreign country (except Canada and Mexico) will not apply to the limitation. Conditions set forth in Article II, Section E of the NAIA Bylaws must be met.”


Two NAIA teams competing against each other, but at an international location, shall not qualify for the international provision found in Article I, Section H, Item 4.

This interpretation is applicable during the period of August 1 – May 15, during which time the frequency of play limits and the 24-week season are in effect for all NAIA athletic teams.


NAIA West University’s women’s volleyball team decides to travel with NAIA Northwest University’s women’s volleyball team on a mission trip to Portugal from August 2 – August 10. While in Portugal, both NAIA teams will play in a tournament with teams from the local Lisbon area. Within the tournament, West University and Northwest University are paired for one competition. Even though these two NAIA teams are competing in Lisbon, Portugal, by competing against each other in the tournament this will implicate each team’s frequency of play limits and the 24-week season.