FAR: Regular Faculty Member Definition

Bylaw: Article I, Section C

“A faculty athletics representative shall:

a. Be appointed by the chief executive officer of the institution to represent the institution in the development of sound educational policies for athletics;

b. Be a regular member of the faculty, but not assigned as a coach or athletics administrator;

c. Be charged with the responsibility of ensuring that all participants in intercollegiate competition are eligible in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Association prior to their representing the institution in any manner;

d. Meet with the institution’s chief executive officer to review NAIA and conference issues regarding academics and athletics;

e. Participate (either in person or via conference call) in any conference-wide meeting which is set for the purpose of rules education;

f. Participate (either in person or via conference call) in conference meetings when items on the agenda are pertinent to the faculty member’s role as the faculty athletics representative of his/her institution;

g. Be encouraged to attend the first NAIA National Convention occurring after being appointed faculty athletics representative; and

h. Work with the athletics director to provide a rules education program in a manner consistent with the best practices approved and published by the Council of Faculty Athletics Representatives. Such a program shall include educating the institution’s:

1) Administrators who participate in eligibility certification (e.g. registrar, newly appointed faculty athletics representative or athletics director);

2) Sports coaches;

3) Student-athletes; and

4) Appropriate faculty (including advising centers).”


The term “regular member of the faculty” means that the individual primarily does those things associated with being a faculty member, meaning a “regular member of the faculty” is one who devotes a majority of his or her time to teaching. An institution may grant faculty status to whomever it wishes for any reason it wishes, whether or not the person has any teaching responsibilities. Therefore, faculty status does not automatically equate to “regular member of the faculty” as required by NAIA bylaws.

Background & Intent

The purpose of having an FAR is so that someone whose focus is academics and classroom performance oversees the eligibility process and certified eligibility. Regular members of faculty are the core faculty and the guardians of the curriculum and academic distinctive of the institution. They assume responsibility for the success and welfare of the institution’s academic programs.

Related Interpretations

Substitute FAR

NEC Interp – Creation date December 2013. Current as of: February 2015