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Article V, Section C

Mid-Year Eligibility for Freshmen

Article V, Section C, Item 5: Mid-Year Eligibility & 9-Hour Rule Bylaw Wording Definition of an Entering Freshman, V.B.5 : A student who upon becoming identified with an NAIA institution has not been previously identified […]

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Article V, Section G

Transfer Residency Casebook Examples

Transfer – Participation at Four-Year and Two-Year Schools Case: A student competed at a four-year institution for one year. The following year, he transferred to a two-year institution where he competed. The student has not […]

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Article II, Section D

Recruitment: Responding to Contact

Responding to Contact from Student, Representative of a Student, Potential Student-Athletes, & When Notification is not Required NAIA Bylaws Article II, Section D, Item 1 states,“If, during the school year or summer vacation period, the […]

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Article I, Section X

Coaches and Dual Roles

This article addresses questions of whether an NAIA coach can hold a separate role outside of their NAIA institution, such as, acting as a scout or an agent for a professional sport organization or, coaching […]

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Article V, Section D

2022 Graduate Student Eligibility Interp

At the 2022 NAIA National Convention, the National Eligibility Committee (NEC) reviewed the continuing eligibility requirements for graduate students and made the ruling that graduate students who have completed at least one term of attendance […]