Recruitment: Responding to Contact

Responding to Contact from Student, Representative of a Student, Potential Student-Athletes, & When Notification is not Required

Responding to Contact from a Student

Case: An NAIA coach attempted to recruit a graduating high school senior this summer. The student decided to stay close to home and enrolled at a local school. The student called the coach the following fall expressing a desire to transfer. Because the coach had been in contact with this student since high school, does the coach have an obligation to inform the student’s current institution of the renewed contact with the enrolled student?

Approved Ruling: Yes. The student in question is enrolled in an institution. The coach, therefore, cannot discuss the possibility of transferring (e.g. requirements, possible financial aid, team openings, etc.) until the athletics director or faculty athletics representative at the other institution has been notified in writing of the student’s declared interest in the NAIA coach’s institution. This notification to the other institution must be made within 10 days of contact.

Responding to a Representative of a Student

Approved Ruling: Contact made by another individual (e.g., parent, high school coach, roommate), on behalf of the student, should be treated in the same manner as contact from the student. Contact regarding transferring with any of these individuals must be reported in the manner outlined in the recruiting bylaws Article II, Section D.

Responding to a Potential Student-Athlete Not Currently Identified

Approved Ruling: If a potential student-athlete has identified at an institution of higher education but is not currently identified with another higher education institution, an NAIA coach will not be required to provide notice to the previous institution, provided, the registration period of the previous institution for the current academic term has passed. The NAIA coach and institution will bear the responsibility to ensure the student is not currently identified with any higher education institution. Identification of a student in a given term extends through to the registration period of the following term; for example, identification in the spring term extends through the summer.

Notification Not Required

Institutional notification is not required when the student is a junior college graduate or is attending a junior college and has completed the academic year in which the student used his or her first season of competition.

Initial emails, voicemails and texts left by a prospective student-athlete for a member of the athletics department that are not responded to, addressed, or returned are not considered communications requiring notification under Article II, Section D. If at any point the prospective student-athlete does make contact with the athletics director, faculty athletics representative, or coach which is not ignored in the same manner described above, notification must be made in writing to the prospective student’s enrolled institution within 10 days of the contact.