Article V, Section C, Item 5 – Hours Earned for Nine-Hour Rule

Bylaw: Article V, Section C, Item 5

“The student must have accumulated a minimum of nine institutional credit hours prior to identification for the second term of attendance. Only those institutional credit hours earned after identification (at any institution) may be applied toward meeting the Nine-Hour Rule for a second-term freshman.”


If a student initially identifies during the fall term, the student may include inter-term hours earned prior to identification in their second term of attendance, if necessary, to meet the minimum nine institutional credit hours required. If the student’s second term of attendance would be in the spring, the inter-term may not be attached to the spring semester in any way: it must either stand alone, or attach to the fall semester.


Drew is a baseball student-athlete that earned only six institutional credit hours during the fall term. He signs up for six more institutional credit hours during the winter term at his NAIA institution. The NAIA institution’s inter-term attaches to the fall semester. Drew can utilize the credits to be eligible for the Nine-Hour Rule, but may not be certified to compete until the conclusion of the inter-term.

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