Article V, Section B, Item 9 – Institutional Credit and Transfer Credit

Bylaw: Article V, Section B, Item 9

“Institutional Credit Hour: Any credit hour attributed to a course that is recorded on the transcript with a grade and credit hours earned. Institutional credit hours shall be accepted for eligibility certification purposes only after the instructor submits the completed course grade in the normal manner to the institutional registrar for posting on the transcript.”


An NAIA institution must apply transfer credits in the term in which the credits are issued on the official transcript from the original institution for purposes of determining eligibility.

Background and Intent

Regardless of how or where a student’s new institution records transfer hours on its transcript, for purposes of determining the student’s eligibility the class should be considered earned based on where the original issuing institution placed the credits. This will most often come into play for purposes of applying the Progress Rule, 24/36-Hour Rule and 2.0 GPA requirement for transfer students.


A student chooses to enroll in a course outside of their NAIA institution in order to obtain eligibility for the spring academic term. The course the student is enrolled in is during the winter break from December through January. Upon completing the outside course, the student obtains the official transcript from the issuing transcript and the it lists the course as earned during the upcoming spring academic term. Can the student use these credits towards meeting eligibility requirements for the spring academic term at their NAIA school?

No, the NAIA institution must apply the credit earned in the term that is listed on the issuing institution’s official transcript. Even if the NAIA institution’s academic policy allows the course to be listed as a winter course on the NAIA transcript, the student cannot use the credit towards eligibility for the spring.


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