Article II, Section C, Item 2 – Location of Tryouts

Bylaw: Article II, Section C, Item 2

“Individual or group tryouts may be conducted, on the member institution’s campus only, for the purpose of assisting in the assessment of athletics promise if tryouts are a part of the general institutional policy in the evaluation and admission of students with special talents. Tryouts, where permitted, shall be limited to no more than two days for a specific student at a member institution.”


In the occurrence that an institution does not own institutional property for a specific sport (e.g. baseball field, golf course), the location where the team practice and or plays its home games shall be the location where tryouts may be held. If the institution plays home games at multiple locations, tryouts may be held at any of those locations.


A tryout speaks to the ability for a coach and current student-athletes to engage in sport-related activities for purposes of evaluating a prospective student’s athletic ability. To ensure control and containment of tryouts (including time commitment of current student-athletes), tryouts are required to occur on the institution’s campus, or “home field” of the team if that is off campus.

Additionally, if a coach and student-athletes attend a showcase or a clinic that is outside their designated home facility, the coaches and current student-athletes cannot engage in sport-related activities with prospective student-athletes. Their participation is limited to scouting the prospective student-athletes only, but cannot be more directly involved. Otherwise, this would be in violation of the tryout bylaw.


The baseball team at University A practices at three local fields around its city. University A does not own any institutional property (practice/playing area) that the baseball team can utilize. The baseball team holds home games at two of the three practice fields that it uses. If the baseball team at University A wanted to hold tryouts, it would be permissible to hold them at either of the two fields that the team uses for home games.

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